Tuesday, March 30, 2010

imeon home finds - ArtTales

Meet Mary, she's the shop owner of ArtTales on Etsy. I've always adored her shop. She creates fantastic plushies called LEFTZ (pronounced as le-ft-e's). All her items are made either from fabric she's found at a thrift store, yard sales or from her family (ie her husband's shirt). They are stuffed with recycled plastic shopping bags. Isn't that fantastic? I have two of her plushies, one of them I purchased. She named him Genius and I have nicknamed him Foxy :)

The other plushie, I very luckily won in one of her giveaways. She hosts one every month on her blog, so go check it out http://arttales-leftz.blogspot.com/.

Her latest creations are simply adorable!!

Meet Sparky! I just LOVE this armadillo creation of Mary's. I think the bigger reason I'm such a fan of Sparky's is because he reminds me of Foxy. Sparky is up for grabs in ArtTales' current giveaway - http://arttales-leftz.blogspot.com

And now meet Dew Drop. First I have to say OMG! Then I LOVE this cute little sparrow!!! Although Mary, I have to say it looks more like a parrot! LOL.

I love all of ArtTales creations and I'm sure you will too!
Check out her shop: ArtTales
Check out her blog: ArtTales-Leftz

Friday, March 19, 2010

imeon home finds

Around last fall I met a wonderful fellow Estian in chat. Her name is Maleah Matthews and she is the shop owner of http://urbandesign.etsy.com.

I was completely fascinated when someone posted a picture of hers titled "The Red Barn". I hearted it immediately and not too long after I had to purchase it, along with two other prints, and hung it up in our bedroom (where they remain to this day).

Maleah has a great eye and catches things you would normally just pass by without even blinking. Take this one print - "To The Valleys". The minute I saw this picture a thousand thoughts ran through my head like, "where does this road lead to?", "how long does it go on for?", "I wonder if there are any places along the way to have a picnic". I always fall into a trance when I look at it.

If you're ever looking for some photography art to hang on your walls, I highly recommend going to urbandesign.etsy.com and check out Maleah's prints, I'm certain you won't be disappointed.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Etsy finds for the home

Ever since I saw a clock from Decoylab (http://decoylab.etsy.com) on Etsy's Front Page, I've just been enamored with their shop.

I just A D O R E this clock in particular. It reminds me of the welcome baby elephant cards I have up in my shop (http://imeondesign.etsy.com). This is such a fun and unique item. I'd love to buy one someday for my kids' bedroom.

Modern Animal clock is a new collection of nursery/kids room clocks that's simple, modern and fun! Made of bamboo, laser cut, sanded and treated with tung oil. Clock measures 7.5" x 10".
This clock does not make ticking sound, suitable for nursery. Motor made in USA. Requires one AA battery.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

New to my shop - "Let's go fly a kite"

Here is my latest piece of artwork. I had this idea in my head for a while now, but never knew how to bring it to life. Finally I had an "a-ha!" moment.

The little girl is just adorable in her two toned pink dress, hat and shoes. The string of the kite has been printed directly on to the paper. The grass has been done in two layers to add depth. The little girl, the cloud above her and her kite have double sided foam tape behind them for a wonderful 3D effect.

The dimensions of the artwork alone is 5.5x5.5 square. The frame I've used for this display is the "Ribba" collection from Ikea, it measures 9x9x1 3/4.

I have to say, this is by far my favorite piece of artwork so far. I will be offering two options, with the frame ($30.00) or without the frame (18.00).

Etsy finds for the home

A while back I met a fellow Estian, Darryl Masterson (http://darrylmasterson.etsy.com). Not only is he a great guy, but he is also one amazing artist!

I recently purchased a wine bottle stopper from him, it was to be an anniversary gift for my parents, who will be celebrating their 50th in August. Well, it happened to arrive while they were in town, visiting us from Montana. When I opened the package, I just could not believe my eyes.

The wine stopper, has 121 segments and was made from two kinds of woods, cherry and jatoba. The beauty and intricacy was simply amazing. The pictures in Darryl's shop does absolutely no justice to the product. I am very honored to know such a wonderful person and incredibly talented artist.