Friday, March 19, 2010

imeon home finds

Around last fall I met a wonderful fellow Estian in chat. Her name is Maleah Matthews and she is the shop owner of

I was completely fascinated when someone posted a picture of hers titled "The Red Barn". I hearted it immediately and not too long after I had to purchase it, along with two other prints, and hung it up in our bedroom (where they remain to this day).

Maleah has a great eye and catches things you would normally just pass by without even blinking. Take this one print - "To The Valleys". The minute I saw this picture a thousand thoughts ran through my head like, "where does this road lead to?", "how long does it go on for?", "I wonder if there are any places along the way to have a picnic". I always fall into a trance when I look at it.

If you're ever looking for some photography art to hang on your walls, I highly recommend going to and check out Maleah's prints, I'm certain you won't be disappointed.

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